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High Quality

Our cards are printed in the UK by certified Forest Stewardship Council printers on high quality, environmentally friendly card stock

Read more about our environmental policy here..

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Fast Checkout

Checkout is fast, and secured with Stripe processing. For security, your card details never enter our system.

Pay by credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.

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Speedy Delivery

Place your order by 2:00 PM Monday to Friday and we’ll ship your cards the same day by Royal Mail First Class mail.

We ship to addresses within the UK only.

In Case You Missed It

Place your order by 2:00 PM Monday to Friday and we’ll dispatch it the same day by Royal Mail first class mail. And please note we only ship to addresses within the UK.

It’s The Little Things That Count

Our greeting cards are made from board with a writing surface that accepts ink easily and resists smudging, and our white envelopes are also easy to write on and resist smudging.

Our environmental policy is to have our cards printed in the UK by printers who only use Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified materials. FSC certification means that the board is sourced from responsibly managed forests, uses sustainable, recycled materials, and does not use fibres from illegally logged trees.

We package our cards individually with white envelopes in cellophane wrappers for the simple reason that we have stocks of thousands of wrappers. We bought the wrappers before other systems of keeping card and envelope together became available. There is no sense in trashing the wrappers, because that doesn’t help the environment at all, so we will continue to use cellophane wrappers while we have stock of them.

Think back to the time before cellophane wrappers existed. In a card shop, you hunted for suitable envelopes to fit the cards. And you would not buy some cards because they were dog-eared. The same with some of the envelopes. After all, how could you show you cared if the card was dog-eared? Cellophane wrappers solved those problems. And who knew it would be the cause an environmental problem? If you want to read more, take a look at The Next Big Thing In Cards. It’s an article we wrote about environmental awareness in packaging.

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