All About Quill Pens

The word ‘quill’ is from the Early Middle Ages Low German word ‘quiele’. It was an all-purpose word that meant a writing instrument, a reed, and the hollow, rigid part of a bird’s feather.

The Art of Correspondence: Letters, Envelopes, and Stamps

The journey through letters, stamps, and envelopes in Britain begins in this article with the novelist Jane Austen. Austen is a suitable starting point because she mentions letters many times in her novels. and she was a popular novelist in her own lifetime, although she published her novels anonymously. She was born in 1775 and died in 1817, so the characters in her novels simply did not send their letters in envelopes. And they did … Read more


This is taking a peek at our Japan trip and the extensive stocktake process for Flying Twigs, and what it entailed! We did a stocktake and it took days and days – and days. With four hundred different card designs it meant laying all the cards out and checking every one. I shudder to think what it means for a store with several thousand or tens of thousands stock items. The recent memory of this stocktake … Read more

The Artist Konstantin Somov

The Artist Konstantin Somov was born in 1869 in Saint Petersburg, Russia to an educated and wealthy family. His father was the senior curator at the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg. At that time St Petersburg was the capital of Russia and so being the senior curator of the foremost art museum in the country was a significant title. On his mother’s side, his mother was a musician from a family in the Russian nobility. … Read more

Change Is Uncomfortable

Change is uncomfortable, and that’s a fact. We can learn to live with it and be more stimulated than resistant to it. But it is always uncomfortable. I was really thinking of this in the context of sending a greeting card. The fact that you can hold a greeting card adds stability in an unstable world. The person who sends it and the person who receives it can hold in their hands. Touch is the … Read more

Greeting Card Designers

Greeting card designers are always on the lookout for ideas. They are always thinking about ideas when they are out with a camera or a sketchbook. Sometimes it’s hard not to think greeting card designs. Andy Rouse is a well-known wildlife photographer. He gave a talk some years ago about photographing polar bears. He explained that he got all the ‘money shots’ first. That’s the close up shots or shots that had the animal doing … Read more

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