All About The Bird Of Paradise Flower

The orange and blue bird of paradise flower is so distinctive. I have photographed the flower in different locations. In fact, we used a photo of the flower for our ‘Wild Hair’ greeting card. More about that below. The bird of paradise flower is also known as the crane flower. It certainly looks like some exotic bird or like the beak of a crane with that flower that sits at ninety degrees to the stem. … Read more

Interesting Facts About Eustoma Flowers

Interesting facts about Eustoma flowers, commonly known as Lisianthus, Texas bluebell, prairie gentian or Japanese rose. Eustoma used to be called Lisianthus, which is still its common name. If you look in a flower catalogue in the UK you will probably find them called Lisianthus. It is also known as Texas bluebell, prairie gentian or Japanese rose. Texas bluebell makes sense when you know that the flower is native to the Southern United States, Mexico, … Read more

If You Must Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Clever Lies

If you must tell me lies, tell me clever lies. Don’t be like some companies who behave badly and underestimate their customers. I wonder how many businesses start off with good intentions in business? Perhaps they start off with high aims. Then the pressure to perform drags them into less transparent business practises. Then they start to behave like the less than perfect part of the marketplace. And before you know it they are behaving … Read more

Link By Stripe

This is about Link by Stripe, and how works to solve the problem of checkout friction by capturing certain customer information. Let’s start by outlining the problem and then how Link goes about solving it. If you are selling digital products, the only thing you need at checkout is the customer’s email address. But if you are selling physical products then you have to ship them. So you need the customer’s address to ship the … Read more

Thinking Of You and Friendship

Thinking of you and friendship go hand in hand like a horse and carriage. So how to approach writing the message in a card for a friend? These are three hallmarks of friendship. First that the other person is in your thoughts. Second, that you think well of them and want the best for them. Third, and last but not least that you respect them and feel that you are the lucky one in the … Read more

A Birthday Card For A Man In These Gender Fluid Days

Hello, I am looking for a gender fluid birthday card for a man. Certainly sir, we have a wide range of cards for both men and for women, and for those who non-binary people who identify as both. It’s a conversation that is easy to imagine taking place in today’s world.But what is a birthday card for a man who is fixed in a traditional view of being a man in these gender fluid days? … Read more

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