Giant Pandas at Edinburgh Zoo

You can imagine the excitement when a male and a female Giant Panda came to Edinburgh Zoo. Their arrival was a big deal – in a specially chartered nine-hour flight from China. It took five years negotiating with the Chinese government and the China Wildlife Conservation Association to agree the deal. And there was a lot that Edinburgh Zoo had to get right. The animals’ home was built in two sections, like adjoining rooms in … Read more

All About WooCommerce

WooCommerce is software that you add to a website that enables you to sell things. It is a WordPress plugin, which means it only works on websites built with WordPress. It was developed by Woothemes, a South African company. Then Automattic bought it in 2015. Automattic (note the double t in the name) owns, a hosting platform where anyone can host their website. Unsurprisingly, is built on the WordPress platform. Note that there … Read more

Smit Markers

Smit markers are tools for making smit marks. How things come together when a person gets interested in a subject. In this case it is Beatrix Potter, a great artist, observer of nature, and nature conservationist. Beatrix Potter saved the Herdwick breed of sheet from almost certain extinction. Tamara and I think the breed is lovely, and we are grateful that Beatrix Potter saved it, both for the simple act of saving an ancient breed, … Read more

Royal Mail Parent Company Asks Government to Agree Five Day Letter Delivery

What is this five day letter delivery? International Distribution Services PLC, the parent company of Royal Mail, published its half year results on 17 November. As several news outlets have commented, the section that deals with Royal Mail contains an unwelcome proposal. See the last point in the proposal below. Here is the section in the IDS results that relates to Royal Mail. Same-Day Dispatch Just think about a company that sends out goods to customers via … Read more

The V&A Refreshment Rooms

If you read our article about the origin of commercially made greeting cards, you would have read about Henry Cole. Every description of him says he was a busy man involved in all kinds of public projects. And being in the public eye he sent Christmas cards to a lot of people. I don’t know how many cards he would send in a typical year, but whatever number it was, he decided it would be … Read more

Local Fonts

Local fonts are web fonts that are hosted on the server that hosts the website. A web font is recognisable from the .wof and .wof2 file type. JenT posted a helpful post on the consequences of a court case in Austria. The claimant was successful in arguing that the owner of the web site had breached the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) by loading Google fonts. That is, the court agreed, because Google fonts that … Read more

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