Grevy’s Zebra

This is about the Grevy’s zebra, but first, are you familiar with the term ‘jizz’? Jizz is word invented by birdwatchers to describe the overall impression or appearance of a bird that is too far away to see clearly, or that was only seen for a fleeting second. Jizz means an impression that one gets from seeing all the features – the shape, the posture, the flight, size, colour, voice, habitat, location – and when … Read more

The Contentment Of Sitting On A Park Bench

I used to live in a house situated near a castle and a cathedral. People would buy ice creams and just sit in the Square and soak it all in. They would sit with the same contentment with which people sit on a park bench, drinking in the rhythm of nature. Seeing the people in the Square, it crossed my mind that they would not sit on a bench by a busy road or in … Read more

Smit Marks in Sheep

Smit marks are the way that farmers in Britain know which sheep are theirs. Sheep don’t need smit marks, of course. When they are the length of a field away, ewes know their lambs and lambs know their mothers from their bleats. But if you are a farmer rather than a sheep, then you need a quick and simple way to identify your sheep. When sheep are fenced in a field, then the only sheep … Read more

Checkout Friction

Checkout friction is every obstacle to completing a purchase. Imagine that you are a customer at the checkout. What is going to improve your e-commerce checkout experience and what is going to make it a poor experience? The longer and more difficult the process is between deciding to buy and being able to complete the purchase, the less chance of you completing the checkout. Rational doubt stalks the checkout, asking whether you really want that … Read more

Why We Use White Envelopes

Before we start talking about white envelopes, let’s consider the cards themselves. The card stock we use for our greeting cards has a writing surface that is easy to write on and is made to resist smudging. That is not a claim that we make lightly. We choose card stocks that feel good in the hand with a nice weight and ‘snap’ to them. And we test the no-smudge quality by writing on them as … Read more

The Law Of Breach Of Promise

If a couple makes it to the altar, chances are they are going to be together long enough to send one another anniversary cards. And because we design and sell greeting cards, never miss an opportunity to put one in front of your audience. Click the image to go to the product page for the card. But then not every romantic entanglement results in marriage. Sometimes it is by mutual agreement. Sometimes though, the parties … Read more

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