Frame Your Greeting Card

Frame your greeting card to keep because it is pretty. It looks just right next to three little jugs on a low table. And the balance is retained with the large framed print on the wall behind. The whole assembly looks natural and almost rustic. Certainly the Edo period woman in the greeting card looks in keeping with the general colour palette. Our greeting cards are a pretty standard 120 x 170 mm, so it’s … Read more

Ways To Make A Greeting Card

There are different ways to make a greeting card. Some people draw or paint and then scan in their designs. Other people photograph and upload an image and work from that. Whichever way they work with the design, at some point they are going to have a PDF ready to send off the printer. The first thing is to decide which company is going to print the cards. It seems like this is working backwards, … Read more

The Significance of Birthday Cards

Why Birthday cards? The argument goes something like this: In England, people are not overly fond of talking to each other at any deep level, so the more that the function can be offloaded to some other means, the better. Whether true or not, British people send more cards than do people anywhere else in the world. And by a good margin. Plus, the digital onslaught has not ended the dominance of paper cards. The … Read more

Sir Henry Cole

I keep coming back to Sir Henry Cole because it was he who created the first commercially available greeting cards in the UK. The thought of him often sits in the back of my mind when we are designing cards. In my mind’s eye I see a wisp of a timeline that leads from his first idea through to the creators today. Since the rise of short-run digital printing the number of creators has risen … Read more

Get Well Very Soon

Get Well Very Soon: Let me tell you something about the phrase. Imagine you were tasked with inventing a new language. You have to think of how to say something positive to friends or relatives who are ill. Of all the phrases that you might come up with, I don’t think Get Well Very Soon would be there. Of course it is all in the tone of voice. It can be said soothingly, and with … Read more

The Problem Of Thin Content In WooCommerce Categories

Thin content in WooCommerce categories is bad. It is an example of a problem that affects all e-commerce websites. As I am familiar with WooCommerce I am addressing how to solve the problem in WooCommerce only. A good word count of original and relevant text in WooCommerce category pages is good. Here is an example of a page with good content. And note where the content is on the page. See the end of this … Read more

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