Inside A Beehive

As surely everyone knows, honeybees are vital to the pollination of many crops. The fact that they are under threat worldwide makes them important to study, apart from pure interest in how bees behave. I remember being interested in honeybees and then slowly realising why they were the focus of so much attention in the USA. It is, if you were not already aware, because many fruit and nut trees are originally from the Old … Read more

Which Bees Pollinate The Most

Bumblebees are the stuff of nature in the UK at its finest, moving from flower to flower in slow motion. But honeybees get all the press. There’s the very obvious reason that they are used commercially to produce honey and to pollinate flowers. In the US, hives are transported hundreds of miles to pollinate almond and cherry trees and others. And why are they transported? It’s because the trees are imports, or the great, great, … Read more

Growing Dahlias

I just ordered some dahlia tubers (see the end of this article for what I bought and why). Up to now I have never needed to grow them because I can go to the market and get the cut flowers to photograph. But the appeal of growing dahlias – despite or because of the supposed difficulties – has grown more and more. But, importantly, I want to grow the kind of dahlias that attract bees … Read more

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