All About Quill Pens

The word ‘quill’ is from the Early Middle Ages Low German word ‘quiele’. It was an all-purpose word that meant a writing instrument, a reed, and the hollow, rigid part of a bird’s feather.

Handwriting And Fountain Pens

You have to work in partnership with a fountain pen.. I hear a lot of children are not even taught cursive lettering. What a waste. My experience with handwriting and fountain pens says that it’s a skill well worth having. To go back a bit, my handwriting started to drift all over the place from using ballpoint and gel pens. So I bought a fountain pen. This was about five years ago. I bought a … Read more

The Guide To Framing

Let’s start by looking at what a frame is. Pretty obviously, more than anything it is to keep the artwork flat against a wall and safe from being bumped or crushed. Yet in the act of framing, something happens. Whether we like it or not we have made a statement in relation to the artwork. Just to divert for one second – by artwork I mean anything that can be framed – a painting, drawing, … Read more

Chiaroscuro Lighting

Chiaroscuro lighting, or ‘Rembrandt’ lighting as it is also called, is a technique used in photography and in painting. It accentuates the focal point of the composition by bathing it in light. That way the area surrounding the focal point disappears slowly into the darker recesses. The Italian word ‘chiaroscuro’ means light and dark. And the alternative name of ‘Rembrandt’ lighting comes from the painter himself. It comes from the fact that he used that … Read more

Prints Versus Posters

How can we tell prints from posters? With modern pigment inks and proper care they can stay fresh and vibrant for many decades. There was a time when posters were produced to be disposable. They were printed on thin, cheap paper. And they used cheap inks that would deteriorate with the action of air and moisture. So the posters didn’t last. But now the quality of inks is so good that it’s a toss up … Read more

Pigment Inks And Soluble Dyes

There is a world of difference between pigment inks and soluble dyes. The inks used in the posters we sell are pigment inks. And that is how we are able to offer posters that have archival quality. That means they will remain bright and vivid for many years. That is provided they are kept away from direct sunlight and cigarette smoke, advice that applies to all printed material. Before we get to that though, lets … Read more

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