Frame Your Greeting Card

Frame your greeting card to keep because it is pretty. It looks just right next to three little jugs on a low table. And the balance is retained with the large framed print on the wall behind. The whole assembly looks natural and almost rustic. Certainly the Edo period woman in the greeting card looks in keeping with the general colour palette.

Our greeting cards are a pretty standard 120 x 170 mm, so it’s easy to find a small wooden frame at low cost. No need to have the frame made at a picture framer’s. Ikea or M&S homewear will have something for sure.

The best thing about this is the look of it. The second best thing is the low cost. £2.40 for the card, a few quid for the wooden frame, and that’s it. And there’s no weight to it, so you don’t have to do much more than prop it against the wall. Or hang it on the wall with a panel pin to fix it. Either way it’s an easy and cheap way to frame your greeting card. And that works whether you are the one that received it or whether you bought it to keep.

a mockup of a way to frame your greeting card and put it on a low table with some other ornaments - creating a rustic look
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