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Posters and Prints are not currently offered for sale because of the disruption caused by Brexit.

From time to time we offer two kinds of framed prints for sale, both equally suitable for any decor. Firstly, we have Gatorboard, where the edging only shows from the side of the print. Secondly, we have Surface Framed that shows a thin black edge when viewed from the front. You can see the difference in the illustrations here showing how they would look on a wall.

Gatorboard Framed Prints

Gatorboard is a high quality, lightweight yet rigid board with a dense inner core of foam sandwiched between sheets of resin-impregnated wood fibre.

The finished board is 10mm deep and is resistant to denting and bending, and will not warp over time.

A fine art Giclée print is mounted onto the water resistant substrate and sealed with a matte laminate. And the high quality inks used in the Giclee printing process ensures your images will remain vibrant for a lifetime.

The understated frame is full bleed right to the edges, with the black edge of the frame only visible from the side. This gives a classic look that blends with any decor and suits both home and office.

Gatorboard prints are also extremely convenient because the prints arrive ready to hang, with a discreet hidden hook system.

  • Rigid wood fibre core prevents warping
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Full bleed borders
  • Matte laminate finish
  • Delivered ready to hang with a hidden hook system

Surface Framed Prints

The frame on a Surface Framed print is solid pine with a smooth black satin finish. The edge of the frame viewed from the front is just 5mm, with the print having a depth from the wall of 30mm.

The edge is finished with a smooth satin texture and the image comes unglazed, with the image front mounted flush to the surface edge. Prints are delivered fully strung, ready for hanging.

  • Exceptional value
  • Solid pine with a smooth satin finish 
  • Delivered fully strung, ready for hanging

What you will notice is that neither frame has a glass or plastic front. Glass is lovely for its transparency, but not so lovely for its reflections. Plastic of one kind or another is more translucent. so the full impact of the image doesn’t show through. Glass is the better choice if you can avoid the reflections, but it is heavy and it doesn’t travel well.

Lacquer in a modern frame solves the problem of weight, transparency, and protection all in one go. So whether you choose Gatorboard Print or a Surface Framed Print you choice will present clean lines suitable for any decor and show your print off to its best.

Delivery Times

Our Gatorboard and Surface Framed prints are printed on demand. Wait times are kept to a minimum and framed prints are normally shipped within 5 working days.

Where We Ship

We currently only ship our framed prints (Gatorboard and Surface Framed) for delivery within the UK

Product Protection

Your artwork will be delivered in a rigid, double-wall corrugated cardboard box ensuring maximum protection.

Gatorboard Print

Surface Framed Print

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