How Old You Are In Dog Years

We’ll get to How Old You Are In Dog Years, but if you’ve ever had a dog or have one now, then let’s start with that great big emotion. It the emotion of when you got your dog, when you first met up with him or her.

You probably remember the look of it. You may remember the smell of its fur. Unless you got an older rescue, dog, then you may remember training it as a puppy, the look in its face, the happiness it gave you.

Birthday card - Dog with text, 'Happy Birthday - you're 190 in dog years'

I’ve heard older people say they wouldn’t want a puppy because they wouldn’t want the dog to outlive them. I can kind of see that they mean if they are worried that the dog won’t be able to find another owner who will care for it as much.

But then equally, the dog could find another owner who is terrific, and thinking otherwise is just worrying about something that might never happen. So why wouldn’t they get a puppy if they want to enjoy the dog’s young years?

You’re 190 In Dog Years

The card says “You’re 190 in dog years.” And you may be wondering how many human years that represents. Well, like all things in life it turns out to be a bit more complex than just divide by seven, which is what you may have heard somewhere or other.

Dogs mature quickly, more quickly than humans. By the time a dog is one year old, it is as mature as a human in his or her mid-teenage years. And then it starts slowing down, so that by a certain age the dog is going to be equivalent to a middle-aged human. How long that is depends on the size of the dog.

The Bigger The Dog, The More Quickly It Matures

Big dogs mature more quickly than small dogs, which seems counter-intuitive, doesn’t it? So if we take a big dog as our benchmark, a human in their mid twenties would be roughly equivalent to 190 in dog years.

If you were to get a puppy of the small dog variety today, it would be 11 years old in 2030. In dog years for a small dog that would be equivalent to a sixty-year old man, and for a big dog that would be equivalent to an eighty-year old man.

Who Is That Dog In The Greeting Card

The dog in the card belonged to someone who lived a few streets away from us in Edinburgh. I would see the man and his dog passing, and think what a cute dog it was. So one day I asked whether we could meet up and I would photograph the dog for a card, and that’s what happened.

Those little stiff-legged cute dogs appeal to me, and millions of others, of course. There’s Snowy, from The Adventures of Tintin. And there’s the dog owned by the principal character in the The Thin Man films that were based on the The Thin Man novel by Dashiell Hammett. Then of course, there is Eddie, the dog in the Frasier TV series. They all share the characteristic of being as smart as a whip, and that’s part of their appeal.. In some ways they seem more human than some humans.

That’s A Wrap

If you like the card at the top of this article, it’s called Dog Years, and you can get to the card by clicking on Dog Years here, or by clicking the card at the top of this article. Either will get you to the page where you can buy it if it takes your fancy.

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