Make The World A Better Place

Make The World A Better Place - Greeting Card with a guinea pig and a banner with text 'Cuddle A Guinea Pig' and

Make the world a better place: It’s a nice idea, but how to do it? There are small things, like smiling at someone when you meet them in your daily life.

There are bigger things like sharing and giving help to people.

Smiles spread like ripples in a pond, so who knows what influence one smile may make?

Still, it seems like the world is an overwhelming place with a lot wrong in it. So how can one make a really meaningful effect? How can one really make the world a better place?

Ethics Of The Fathers says that it is not up to anyone to complete the task of making the world a better place. It also says that neither is it open to a person to ignore the task. That seems like a good way out of feeling hopeless in the face of a huge task. Just do what you can. No one can ask more of you.

Ambassadors For World Peace

It was easy to ‘feel the love’ when we made the Cuddle greeting card. We got a lot of good feelings from being with our guinea pigs. They were such ‘heart melters’ that we joked that they ought to be ambassadors for world peace.

We could picture them standing at the podium before world leaders and saying that world peace was the way to go. They would be so inspirational that world leaders would listen to them and take action.

The threats to the world cry out for stability. When the climate changes out of its normal path, we feel we nervous. It is as though there is an earthquake happening under our feet.

So with that is mind, we made our inspirational Cuddle greeting card featuring a guinea pig and a banner with text ‘Cuddle A Guinea Pig’ and ‘Make The World A Better Place’

It is a fact not known to many that guinea pigs are the saviour of the world. Cuddle one to feel the truth in the statement that they really ought to be ambassadors for world peace to the United Nations.

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