New Cards

It’s the season for new cards. The Covid lockdown played havoc with our ability to get out and take photos, or get out at all. Not just us, of course, but millions of others.

Boris Johnson wasn’t locked down, but Partygate as it became known is water under the bridge. Or maybe not. There may be more in that story yet.

Meanwhile, during the pandemic we processed orders on the current stock, and talked about how things might be different with the world when the pandemic was over. We imagined that at its best, people would draw a little closer, and examine again the way the world is heading.

All through this, FSO Safer, a vessel holding four times the oil that spilled from the Exon Valdez, continues to rot in the Red Sea, hostage to the civil war in Yemen. Unbelievably, the United Nations doesn’t have the money to offload the oil, pay the Houthi, and avert this ecological disaster in the making.

COVID and Supply Chain Problems

Covid played havoc with supply chains. Our printer’s supply chain problems meant some card was impossible to get. They sent us samples of an alternative card. Then our favourite Invercote card came back into stock, so we haven’t had to switch to another card.

As you might expect, we like to keep things as predictable as possible. We know Invercote card has the qualities we want. It’s a smooth white card, and the colours are vibrant.

We’ve talked about it before, but some card is seemingly impervious to ink. Gell pen ink is quite gloopy, and with some card the ink just sits on the surface for ages until eventually it evaporates. Well, Invercote card is not like that; the writing surface in the inside of the card is easy to write on without smudging and ink dries quickly.

Climate Change Becomes Climate Crisis

Getting back to the COVID hiatus, it seemed that as COVID waned, the climate hit us to tell us that maybe we could not continue the course we have been taking without dire consequences.

It seems there there is little room for argument about the effect that man is having on global warming. As I have been saying for a long time, whatever the effect of man on the climate, what is not in doubt is that we are destroying the Earth with pollution.

Following on from that, arguments about global warming deflect us from cleaning up the mess we are making. It doesn’t or shouldn’t need the justification that we are facing disaster. As it happens, oil and the exhaust gasses from cars, and single use plastics, and a million other pollutants are linked – one comes from the other – so stopping pollution means helping with climate change.

Nature works to balance opposing forces. A tree does not need to justify its existence. We do however need to justify destroying it, whether or not at some point down the road the fallen tree will get its innocent revenge by releasing CO2 and killing the planet.

And careful housekeeping – looking after the place and not treating it like a rubbish tip – is simply good manners and a show of gratitude.

New Cards

Back to our new cards, and how we have dealt with the last two years. We tweaked our approach, and we now have thirty seven new cards back from the printers and in the catalogue. We’ve put a link in the navigation menu to NEW CARDS.

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