New Valentine’s Day Cards

Our new range of 22 Valentine’s Day cards are at the printers at the moment. From there they will go to our distribution centre to be packed, with envelopes, into cellophane wrappers.

Apple Tree Valentine's Day Card with an illustration of a tree with a heart secreted in its branches, and another beneath text that reads - Be My Valentine - Don't sit under the apple tree with anyone else but me'

And that should all happen within the next week.

Then we we will ‘flick the switch’ on the cards here at Flying Twigs.

We are excited by the new cards and hope you like them.

Behind The Scenes

As always, we aim for inclusivity. We try to offer variety with our cards that are suitable for people in all kinds of situations.

When you see the full range, you will see that they include a variety of sentiments. Some are humorous; some are friendly rather than romantic, while some are more adventurous.

You’ll find cards ranging from Happy Valentine’s Day, to an amorous Be My Valentine, to sentiments designed specially for spouses.

February 14th This Year and Next Year

The great thing about Valentine’s Day is that it comes around every year. So if things don’t go according to plan this year there is next year to think of. And it is that hope that carries us forward to the next thing if this one doesn’t work out. Of course, we have to make sure we do not give over all our happiness to circumstances over which we have no control.

There is a great anecdote about an agony aunt who gives advice to a young man. He laments how when he goes to a dance he hangs out like a wallflower hoping that a young woman will notice him. But the young woman never does. Time goes by and he sees another young woman and hopes that perhaps she will look at him.

So what is the advice from the agony aunt? She makes an observation about the young man hanging out like a wallflower, and she gives this advice. Take dancing lessons, she says. That way he can enjoy himself and then, who knows?

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