Park It In The Driveway

Ah, the pleasure of having a driveway. When you don’t have a front garden, not even a little strip of pebbles or concrete, neighbours and passers-by staring in, a driveway is a dream of heaven. For me and you it is cars whizzing past or parking outside and blocking the light and the view.

A greeting card for every day featuring grand stone building against a solid blue sky with overhanging trees and a driveway flanked by shrubs

What I wouldn’t give for a driveway, and a nice house at the end of it.

Imagine when a visitor is arriving and you can say down the telephone: ‘Park it in the driveway.’

Of course, in some countries, space is all they have. There you can have a driveway as long as you like.

But in the crowded UK, with a population density to rival that of sardines in a tin, a driveway is a luxury item.

We can’t count the little double strip of concrete you might have that runs to the side of the house, the one that leads to the rickety garage that sits hard up against the neighbour’s fence.

And we certainly can’t count the bit of gravel or concrete out front, just inches from the pavement, where you can park your car up against your own front window. That’s no fun, blocking all your own light and casting a blight over the whole property.

No, a driveway is a fine thing for a fine house, for people with spare cash. Oodles of cash and the right to say: Park it in the driveway.

A Watercolour Painting: Park It In The Driveway

This one is nice. A watercolour painting of a building with a drive, and a purple drive, no less.

A card for every day featuring a grand stone building against a solid blue sky with overhanging trees and a driveway flanked by shrubs. Is that stone? It looks like stone. And a pediment over the front door.

Not a house, more of a public building, or maybe an architect’s office or some such building for one of the creative arts. An ad agency, perhaps. Perhaps something in graphic design. Or an agency building bespoke websites.

Whatever it is, they need the space and the surroundings to get their creative juices flowing. No way could they work with their cars blocking the light with two inches between the cars the road.

If you like the card, click the image and it will take you straight to the product page.

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