When do we send greeting cards? The face is that there are more occasions that you can shake a stick at. So we have concentrated on a couple of handfuls of categories.

Wedding anniversaries are important. You may know that the saying that a wife can strike terror in her husband’s heart with the one sentence ‘It’s our anniversary tomorrow.’ No one wants to forget the commemoration of a significant milestone in a relationship, and anniversary cards honour and celebrate the longevity and love shared between individuals or couples.

Birthday cards – well they are a given. They are the most popular category of any card, expressing warm wishes, giving the sender the chance to add a personalised message. Are you unsure exactly what to write in this most ubiquitous of cards? Read our article on <a href=”https://www.flyingtwigs.com/how-to-write-a-birthday-card/”>what to write in a birthday card</a>, and you won’t go wrong.

We don’t need to devote a whole lot to Mother’s Day cards – but did you know that they come in as the most frequently sent after birthday cards? Somehow, the obligation to do right by mother stands the test of time and survives and thrives into the twenty-first century.

Father’s Day cards, on the other hand trail by a good margin. Poor old Dad. I guess we could have ignored Dads too, but nah – he’s in there as he deserves to be.

We couldn’t miss New Baby cards that are often sent to celebrate the birth or adoption of a new baby. They convey congratulations and warm wishes to the parents. They welcome the newborn into the world, and they warm our hearts. And that is something we need in this rush-rush world.

We haven’t covered all of our categories in this description but we have to talk about Valentine’s Day. It is that communal occasion dedicated to expressing love and affection to romantic partners, and if you would like a head start on the history of the cards so you can wax lyrical to your chose beau – read our article <a href=”https://www.flyingtwigs.com/valentines-day-under-the-apple-tree/”>Under The Apple Tree</a>.

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