Cards For Occasions

Our cards for occasions cover nine kinds of occasions. Before getting into them specifically, let’s establish something. To put it another way, what is an occasion? Plainly it is a particular time when something is to happen. In fact it could be any old time, such as the occasion when I first heard Mozart being played by a string quartet. Yes, it was an occasion in that it was a concert and there were seats and tickets were sold. But that’s surely not what we mean by an occasion in the context of sending cards for occasions.

What we mean when we talk of sending cards for occasions are those times of special significance in life. Specifically, the events such as birthdays and anniversaries that come around at the same time each year. But also those occasions that probably only come once, such as retirement. Or those that come infrequently, like leaving a job or country.

Is Time Linear

Some ways of thinking believe that time is not linear. Rather, it is like a spiral. So when the same time comes around the next year on a birthday, it is as though sparks of the previous years revisit this event. To be precise, they are not just some allegorical reference, but the actual time coming around again. That concept of time that is far from Western culture today, and most would probably reject it. But who knows?

Occasions Are Important To Us

Whatever one thinks of the significance of time in relation to occasions, they are important to us. Birthdays, anniversaries, the occasion of the birth of a baby. These are important times and important in that we send cards for occasions. To recount a joke, it is said that a one party to a marriage can strike fear in the heart of his or her spouse merely by mentioning their wedding anniversary.]

The meaning of this joke is that some spouses are prone to forget wedding anniversaries. And wives remind their husbands or husbands remind their wives on the day or close to the day. The result is blind panic. Where is the negligent spouse going to find a card? And how will he or she be able to book a table for two or even make time to go. Oh, how the mighty fall at the mere mention of the word.

Rest assured we have Wedding Anniversary greeting cards that fit the bill. And we can get them out to you speedily.

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