Anniversary Cards

Anniversary Cards

Anniversary cards are one of the most popular ranges after Birthday cards and Mother’s Day cards. And that’s not just here at Flying Twigs. Card sales in the UK show that anniversaries are important occasions. We are an online business and we don’t go around asking our customers who they are buying the cards for. Our guess is though that it is usually partners who buy a card for the other partner. From our personal experience, though, we know that family members and friends buy them too.

The Named Anniversaries

Which are the most important anniversaries? The first is special, of course. In the UK that is the cotton anniversary. There’s sense in that because the couple may well still be fitting out their home and need sheets and towels. Again in the UK, the second anniversary is the ‘Paper’ anniversary. As to why that might be, well perhaps the couple need paper to write letters and invitations to announce the birth of a baby. And if not a birth, then perhaps an adoption?

The named anniversaries stop at the tenth, and then we get into the more substantial materials! Pearl is for the 30th and Diamonds for the 60th wedding anniversary.

Flowers for Anniversaries

Anniversaries and flowers go together like a horse and carriage, so flowers feature in several of our cards. We have a cymbidium orchid trailing and entwined with those loving words ‘Happy Anniversary’.

We have almond blossom too, and a pink rose. In fact, pink features in several cards. And no wonder; pink is frothy and soft and all things nice (like sugar mice). Another flower than features is a Lisianthus. It has delicate petals matched by furled cream and green flower heads. It’s hard to imagine that they open to that violet blue colour, but they do.

And Hearts Of Love

Hearts feature, too. Hearts in a picture frame on a small table, and hearts on a chest of drawers. Picture them in the bedroom or a room where the couple relax and read or chat and while away the easy hours.

Animals Cuddle

We love how animals cuddle up together. Our two dachshunds on a rug are cuddled up together are spooning back to back. They fit ‘just so’ and what more could a couple ask of the moment? Relaxed in each other’s company, settling in.

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