Birth and Baby Cards

Birth And Baby Cards

First in the list is our birth and baby card with the text ‘A brand new miracle’. It features a mother Mallard duck and her ducking. And the birth and the early years of a baby’s life are a miracle, as any parent knows.

The Stork

Who delivers that baby? Well, it the stork of course. So we have stork saying ‘Congratulations on the new arrival’, And we have a stork standing with one leg raised. It says ‘Special Delivery!’. Next up we have two storks flying overhead. They are saying ‘Congratulations on your new arrival’. And to top off the stork theme we have a stork nestling its head inside its feathered breast. And the words? ‘I have put your new baby in its cot and now I am having a rest!’

Get the idea? We are keen on storks. The question is, where did the stork get blessed with the task of delivering babies?

The story originated with folk tales from Europe. They tell how storks found babies in hidden-away places and flew with them and dropped them down the chimneys of waiting couples. If you are like me, I am already wincing at the thought of a new-born baby dropped down the chimney and landing with a thud. Still, the question is how the storks knew that the couples wanted babies. And the answer to that is that couples who wanted a baby would put sweets on their window sills to let the storks know. We have to assume, therefore, that storks have a sweet tooth.

Stork Bites

Nevus flammeus nuchae is a fairly common mark on the back of the neck of new-born babies. It is caused by the skin being badly formed. It could be caused by the angle at which the unborn baby holds its head in the womb. Whatever the cause, the skin on nevus flammeus nuchae marks is normal thickness, and the mark fades over time. So it is nothing to worry about. Colloquially, they are known as stork bites. And the red mark and in the perfect position for being held in its pointy beak by a stork helped to create the myth. That and the fact that the mark fades away so it can be associated with a happy myth.

A Young Deer

For our final birth and baby card we have a card featuring a young deer and the text ‘Congratulations on the birth of your new baby’. This youngster was with its parents in a park in the Scottish highlands. It stood among the adult deer and looked towards us with all that mixture of uncertainty and innocence that is the hallmark of youngsters worldwide.

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