Birthday Cards

Forty birthday cards for every taste and style. The reason our cards are suited to different tastes is that we design them individually. We think of an idea and we design the card around that. Sometimes we have taken a photograph that shouts out for a particular design. And sometimes we just follow our noses and make a design almost without thinking consciously. In fact, we have found that not thinking too much frees up the brain to get on with the design.

From Red Mat To Puffin Party

We start with a card named ‘Red Mat’, and a very simple, graphic design. It’s a simple red casually-drawn rectangle that’s almost a magic carpet. And on it is a birthday message and a little bird to give the card a personal touch. The next card is Redhead. It features a small herd of multi-coloured zebra and a cute message. And then the Rooster with his ‘Cock-a-doodle-do, it’s your birthday’. Next up is a puffin standing on a rock and its beak full of sand eels. The message is very polite when it says ‘It’s somewhat difficult to enunciate with my mouth full of sand eels, but I just wanted to say Happy Birthday’. We also have ‘Puffin Party’ with a puffin coming into land and saying happy birthday, and another puffin peeking from behind a rock and saying ‘Yay! Party Time’.

For a complete change of pace we have ‘Success’, a card with a green tick and text that reads ‘Your greeting card has been installed successfully!’

‘Happy Birthday To Ewe’ is the message in the ‘To Ewe’ birthday card, with a curly fleeced sheep looking adoringly at the camera.

Guinea Pig Birthday Cards

We are super happy with the ‘Wishes’ card, with a cute guinea pig and a message ‘I would like to wish you a very happy birthday’. How polite! But then, that’s what guinea pigs are. And then another card with a guinea pig saying ‘Happy Birthday, because you are worth it’.

‘Happy Woofday’ features a very large dog on a settee. It’s perfect for the dog lover in your life. And then there’s the Ink Pen card with a nib that seems to have not quite finished the message that ends ‘…and many happy retur…’

Next to that is the Lemur, with its intense gaze and the message that says ‘Phew. I remembered your birthday.’ And then the Little Fishy card with three fish and a message that reads ‘May all your Birthday fishes come true.’ Next comes the macaw that’s hanging upside down and asking ‘ Do you want to hang out?’

Then there’s an oystercatcher with its colours matched by squares and rectangles of colours in a lovely palette. It’s topped off with a message written on its side and reads ‘Happy Birthday, whichever way you look at it.’

We wrote an article about ‘Park’, a birthday card with a pleasant scene – a park, a park bench, and a reminder that it’s ‘Another year, another birthday… it’s just a walk in the park’.

‘Rabbits’ is different. Three rabbits stacked one on top of the other, and text that reads ‘The unbearable lightness of rabbits’

The Duck Of Happiness Birthday Card

For the final card we have ‘Duck‘. It’s our most popular birthday card, and features a white duck and a message that reads ‘Happy Birthday from the duck of happiness’.

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