Birthday Cards

Sending birthday cards is a tradition that goes back to the eighteen hundreds. And the tradition of giving birthday presents goes back millennia – to the Egyptians and Greeks. They didn’t exactly have cards, but they would offer good wishes and presents to celebrate someone’s birthday.

Birthday cards allow us to convey our heartfelt congratulations and good wishes to the person celebrating their birthday. It’s a way to acknowledge their special day and let them know that we’re thinking of them.

Of course, there will always be some people who feel that the day is nothing special. Or to put it another way, that every day granted to us to continue to live is a birthday. Some wisdoms recognise this when they say that every day is life born anew.

That said, we have traditions and social norms, and it is lovely to foster warm feelings with cards. People expect them and we take pleasure in going with the flow. If we don’t feel pleasure then it is up to us to warm our own hearts.

Go With The Flow

One way to go with the flow is to see it is an opportunity to think of the other, because if the shoe were on the other foot they would surely enjoy the thought that someone thought of them, would they not?

There is another dimension to this, namely that some people keep the birthday cards they receive. They keep them as cherished mementos, and revisit memories and messages from loved ones in the future. And that is not the end of the story, for those mementos might be found by their descendants after the original recipient has passed away.

Then someone can look back on years past and think of different times, knowing that the continuity through all these events and occasions is the thought and care that passes from one person to another.

Meanwhile, and as you would expect – all of our birthday cards are individually designed to meet every taste and style. From animals to artsy, to humorous, and all of them with a positive look on life.

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