Congratulations Cards

An Easy Win

Congratulations cards are such an easy win. The person receiving the card is probably already on a high from his or her achievement. Getting a card to congratulate them on the achievement is the cherry on the top.

How To Write A Congratulations Card

We wrote and article on ‘How to write a congratulations card‘ and it is proving very popular. It is written to help  a person sending a card to get the essentials right. And the most essential thing is to be timely. Timing is everything and it’s best to send your card as soon as possible. Being quick shows you are enthusiastic about what they have accomplished. It shows you are getting pleasure out of sharing in their happiness. Delaying will make it seem like you don’t really care. They probably worked hard to get what they did, so you don’t want to detract from what should be a happy time by being slow off the mark.

Congratulations Cards For Every Occasion

So with that said, we’ve got congratulations cards for every occasion. Actually, that’s easy because a card doesn’t have to be specific. You, the writer, can do that with the message you write in the card. What the card has to say is ‘Congratulations’ or some variation of that. We’ve got a couple of ‘Well Done’ cards. One features a wise owl, complete with spectacles. The other features a Great grey owl with its characteristic look of being mightily impressed.

The dip Quill pen in our Inkwell congratulations card harks back to a slower (more civilised?) time. It would suit someone who has achieved something academic, like passing an entrance exam or getting their degree.

And for those who have achieved something that means they can go out in the world, we have ‘Crane’ with the bird saying ‘Congratulations – Go strut your stuff’

‘Dipper’ is an interesting card that just as easily go in the Birth and Baby card range. ‘Congratulations – A little bird told me’ could be for an expectant mother or for someone who has landed a job but is keeping it quiet until the right moment.

There are more, but let’s end with the ostrich in our ‘By Jove’ card. It says ‘By jove, Congratulations’.

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