Mother's Day Cards

Mother’s Day Cards

Mother’s Day cards are the most popular category of greeting card bought by the British public after birthday cards. Sorry dads, but Father’s Day cards come far down the ranking after them.

That’s the UK. The ranking of the most popular category of card is different in the USA. There, Mother’s Day cards come after wedding cards, get well cards, and what I would call inspirational cards.

Well, whatever the American public spend their money on, buying a Mother’s Day card is almost sacrosanct in the UK. It is expected as a sign that the familial bonds are strong. And you really don’t have to stand in a card shop and watch the checkout to see that Mother’s Day is important. Just catch a bus or stand in a bus queue and you will see people with boxes of chocolates, flowers, and cards in their hands.

Mother’s Day Cards strengthen bonds

The advent of digital messaging hasn’t put a dint in Mother’s Day card sales either. I mean, ten years ago you might have predicted the demise of cards generally. Well, the High Street has taken a battering, but card sales continue unchanged. And long may they continue, because they are part of the bond that keeps people talking and close to one another.

Flowers For Mother’s Day

Now, on to what we have in our Mother’s Day cards lineup. Five of the cards feature flowers. They go well with the Happy Mother’s Day greetings. Then we have the Houses Of Parliament and the Speaker of the House proposing ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ and the rest of the House chiming in with ‘Hear, hear’ as they are wont to do when they approve of something.

Birds, Hip Mums, and The Beauty

Creatures have a way of melting the heart, and we have two birds, a mandarin duck and a barn owl. Then we have ‘the women’ We have a hip mum and an unattainable woman, to cater for the different kinds of mothers out there.

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