New Baby Cards

New baby greeting cards to celebrate a new birth, and congratulate the parents. To take but one example, we have a new baby card featuring a shelf of books with the following titles. They are: Why We Sleep, The Joys Of Parenthood, The Ancient Wisdom Of Counting Sheep, Traditional Names For A New Baby, Alarm Clock Design, Nappy Changing For Beginners, Mathematics For Toddlers, and Teach Your Baby The Violin.

Get the idea? A new baby is the opportunity to shower love on another human being. A little bundle that has its parents in the palm of its tiny hands. One cry and they comes running, thinking of it and it alone.

Or take another card that is the hub for flights incoming with babies, and outgoing for storks to pick up their new charges. Meanwhile we have Stork Airport, and this is the Arrivals lounge, where the storks that have just landed hand their tickets to the staff so the babies can be allocated to the correct parents. What a scene, with couples standing expectantly, as the flights pour in from all around the globe. Each day is historic, with Congratulations on the new addition flowing all around.

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