Retirement Cards

Retirement Cards

A retirement card is redolent with meaning. People toil and work, and then they get a well-earned rest. For some people it has been an easy ride. They have skills that people appreciate and they have been comfortable while they worked. For some others it has meant years of long working hours in poor conditions for little pay.

One Man Laughs While Another Cries

How are we to understand the world when one person has an easy ride and another has a difficult time. Sometimes the difficulties are self inflicted. Perhaps that young person should have shouldered a pack and gone travelling rather than spend years in a dead-end job. Well that’s as may be. But still, some are born with or acquire advantages on the road of life. And others do not.

There is never equality between people. One person will be more popular, more loved, taller, quicker with words, faster on their feet. Some will be born to rich parents. So the race is never run equally.

And then suddenly, after all that pell mell rush to succeed or to keep up, people stop. You know the story. People retire and they have nowhere they must run. Yet their minds crave responsibility. Without the regularity of an occupation, they are bereft, marooned.

A Range Of Retirement Cards

Our Ganges retirement card shows the river winding slowly. It is a reminder to slow down and take things as they come. Then our Monstera card sets an equally idyllic scene with a yacht in the bay and sand on the beach. That card is like ‘Sail’ our other card with a yacht in the picture. This one flies a ‘Retired’ pennant.

Commuters features sardines crammed together and a message to gladden the heart of anyone who has to make the daily journey. No more commuting with this retirement card. And the alarm clock kicking the numerals out, because this person isn’t tied to the clock any more.

Two more – one is paint and chalk that signifies the time for creative activity. The other is a Monty Pythoneque card, a comfy chair and a message. It’s the comfy chair for you. Enjoy your retirement!

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