Valentine's Day Cards

Valentine’s Day cards to say be my Valentine and we’ll tickle each other happily ever after and you will be my love forever. Or until next Valentine’s Day. It is, of course, celebrated on February 14th, a day for romance. That’s this year and last year and next year.

Well the year will swing around to Valentine’s Day once again, the ‘man approaches woman’ traditional approach is turned on its head. But let’s look with the clear eyes of today into the rear view mirror of history. it was the day that followed the plan laid out in tight nit communities.

In days of old everyone knew everyone. And no one could so much as raise their head to glance this way or that without everyone knowing just where their hearts lay. They knew almost by touch who the lovestruck person wanted to lay with.

And today, are we too cool, have we seen too much? It seems obvious in some ways that we are less controlled by the community than we used to be. In truth though, all that has changed is that we are not bound to one community.

Don’t like the environment? Then move somewhere else to be with people you aspire to be like. How many of us learn that lesson the hard way after a long slog doing the right thing or the wrong thing with the wrong people?

Are We Bold

Yes, we say we are free in these so very modern times, but my guess is that we are mainly not as bold as we say we are. Romance is still valued and it is not dead. So for those looking for love, any time in human relations is a mix of emotions. Therefore, any excuse to win the heart of someone is useful. And that is Valentine’s Day.

Jealous In Love

Will the person find love? Will he or she be kind? And if they respond, will they be faithful? They say that love must go hand in hand with jealousy. If jealousy is missing, then love is a pale version of the real thing. To want someone is to want them, and not to share them around. If the person does not care what the other does, it is not love.

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