Card Ranges

Our card ranges cover eleven categories. Together they make a set that is at once different and yet of the same general type. Apart from listing them alphabetically there is no way to rank or order the cards in the card ranges. Specifically, how could one put romance above friendhsip? It cannot be done.

And humour and a get well card are simply two sets of circumstances. That is why we have ranges, is it not? For it means a breadth of topics.

Humourous Cards

Among those are our Humorous cards. They say that humour cuts across boundaries. It is a great leveller in the way that a game of kickabout football crosses boundaries. That said, we don’t make rude cards or cards that ridicule or might cause embarrassment.

In a nutshell, they are not our thing. Apart from anything else, we believe that humour that emphasises the positive has a longer shelf life.

Friendship Cards

Similarly with another subjejct in our card ranges, namely Friendship greeting cards. Friendship cards are, well, cards to give or send to a friend. And the perfect time to do that is when a friend has proved themselves to be just that.

Perhaps they have done you a special kindness. Perhaps nothing at all has happened except constancy. To be a friend through good times and bad is itself a rewarding thing, is it not?

Romantic Cards

One step across and we arrive at romance. Romantic greeting cards and romance will always be with us, and our romantic cards are designed to touch the heart.

Thank You Cards

And from romance to the reciprocity of the thank you card. When someone does us a kindness we want to repay it. That is one of the immutable laws of human conduct. And so in our collection of cards that make up our card ranges we have the thank you card.

The more we live the more we know and understand how thank you is like the resolution of a phrase in music. First comes the event and then the pathway to the thank you.

Of course the largest number of individual cards in our card ranges are in the Everyday cards range. Everyday means a lack of occasion, or to put it another way, it is just because. That is to say, a card for ‘just because’ is a card that is unexpected.

Animal Cards and Flower Cards

The set would not be complete without animals and flowers. They are beyond words in the same way that music touches us in ways that reach further and deeper than other modes of expression. In other words, they are cards where the recipient can simply bathe in and absorb the loveliness of a flower or an animal. That’s why we have Animal greeting cards and Flower greeting cards.

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