Everyday Cards

Everyday Greeting cards for every day and every connection – humour, education, travel, exotic buildings and iconic scenes.

It is reasonable to ask what ‘everyday’ means in the context of human communication where it indicates the absence of a special occasion but is nonetheless a prompt for connection.

In the context of human communication, the term ‘everyday’ typically refers to the regular, ordinary, or routine aspects of life. When it prompts for connection, it suggests a desire for interpersonal interaction or to maintain social bonds in the midst of day-to-day activities.

It signifies the importance of connecting with others on a regular basis, even in the absence of specific milestones or events. By reaching out or initiating communication in the ‘everyday’, individuals have an aim. That is to foster relationships, check in on each other’s well-being, share updates, or simply have a casual conversation.

All I all it reflects a recognition that connections and meaningful interactions are not limited to special occasions but can occur in the ordinary moments of life.

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