Everyday Cards

Everyday Cards

Everyday cards are cards are not specific to an occasion. So to whom do you send an everyday card? Let’s back up a bit. Maybe you didn’t come straight to this category page. Maybe you came here to Flying Twigs looking for a birthday card or an anniversary card. And perhaps you chanced upon this everyday card section. Perhaps you’re asking yourself who you might send an everyday card to.

A Card Between Friends

Let’s imagine this. A friend contacted you. She lives out of town and she contacted you. You met up and had a great time and you’ve made a definite arrangement to meet again next time she’s in town. Now you want to write to her. But you don’t want to send her a thank you card because that’s a bit formal and in fact it could be off-putting. Your relationship is closer than a formal thank you. But an everyday card is just right. It’s a ‘just because’ card to say it was nice catching up with that person.

In other words, an everyday card is perfect for those off-the-cuff, ‘just because’ moments between friends.

It is also right for those situations where a thank you card or a congratulations card would be okay but you don’t want those words on the front of the card. You would rather send an attractive image and write your message inside the card.

Our Everyday Cards

So with that in mind we have a big selection. For the literary-minded friend we have the etymology of exclamation marks, hyphens, and ampersands. Where the recipient is a lover of architecture we have a French Boulangerie. And for a religious slant we have the interior arches of the Church Of The Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem and the Dome of the Rock. We have two outdoor scenes of trees. One is a lone tree. The other is of snow-laden branches.

And to complete the outdoor theme we have trees in the forest covered in snow with a bird singing. It is singing ‘Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!’

With that, we invite you to explore these three pages of everyday cards.

And remember you can choose from over 350 high-quality cards, including these gorgeous everyday cards. Buy four or more cards for free delivery within the UK!

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