Flower Cards

Flower Cards

Flower cards and flowers speak of nature and set the mind at rest. In consequence, anyone receiving such a card will be happy to receive it. After all, in this pell-mell world growing ever faster, we need nature and the pace of nature all the more. Similarly, in a world where nature is ever receding from our daily lives, we need it more than ever. We need it in the same way that we need music and laughter.

So with that in mind, here is a run-down of our flower cards for your delectation and delight.

Bluebell Card

Our Bluebells greeting card features bluebells in a jug with text ‘You are Beautiful.’

They are Spanish bluebells, The way you can tell they are because English bluebell only grow on one side of the stem, which causes the stems to lean gracefully. In contrast, the flowers of the Spanish bluebell grow all around the stem. The consequence is that it causes the plant to grow more upright.

The reason we are making this clear is that Spanish bluebells were introduced into the United Kingdom. Following that, they ran wild and have hybridised with English bluebells. In consequence they threaten the survival of the English species. It is illegal to pick bluebells, so it’s important to make clear that these are Spanish Bluebells.

Chrysanthemum Card

The chrysanthemum greeting card features a close-up of a Chrysanthemum. Notice how it shows the beauty of the colours and arrangement of its petals. And did you know that the original colour of the Chrysanthemum is contained in the very name of the flower? To be exact, it is from the Ancient Greek word ‘chrysos’ meaning golden. That is to say, the original colour of the chrysanthemum, which is a golden yellow.

Clementine Card

We love the origin of the name, clementine. To be precise, it comes from the forename of Clement Rodier, a priest and gardener who crossed a tangerine and an orange in the early 1900s. Our example has two leaves and of course that wonderful deep orange colour that characterises this fruit.

Eustoma Card

The Eustoma card features a flower in full bloom entwined with pale cream and green buds furled in a delightful twist. To be precise, Eustoma is just one of the names by which it is known, the other being its common name of Lisianthus.

Peony Card

Of all the flowers that grow in the garden, one of our favourites is the Peony. That is, along with the tiny germander speedwell (Veronica chamaedrys) and the flowers of the Spindle tree. In truth, we are nuts about many flowers, whether tiny flowers or flowers on trees and bushes. Just such a one graces this gorgeous peony greeting card. It features a pink and white peony with yellow stamens set against dark green leaves. In truth, everyone would be bowled over by this beautiful flower.

Petals Cherry Blossom Card

This talk of flowers big as well as small leads us neatly to the cherry blossom card. See how the petals are white tinged with the most delicate pink colour.

Pink Tulips Card

The pink tulips are laid out as though on a table top. We see down the flower heads directly into gorgeous yellow stamens.

Sunflower Card

We end our trip around the flowers with this full-on view of sunflower heads. In short a glorious yellow to spread joy all around.

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