Get Well Cards

Get Well Cards

The Get Well cards in our range feature flowers, and that should come as no surprise. Thus, it is noteworthy that we have three cards featuring tulips. We also have one card featuring a chrysanthemums and one featuring an iris.

It should also come as no surprise that we have creatures in our range.

Zebra Trio

This card featuring a trio of zebras in black and white. First of all I should explain that the original photo we took is in colour. That is to say, I edited it to draw out the contrasting black and white. The card is completed with text ‘Get Well Soon – We are going crazy, grazing without you’.

The card would, for example, suit a gang of friends who miss their buddy. Or it would suit work colleagues who miss a co-worker.

Red Hand Card

This Get Well card features a red hand and arm reaching out into the night sky from the deep blue sea, and text ‘Get Well Soon!’

Above all, this recipient of this card has to have a sense of humour. After all, it touches on the subject of impending doom. That being said, it is precisely when times are difficult that a sense of humour is needed most.

Before leaving this get well card, I must add a word about the inspiration for it. You may recognise the style, which is inspired by the film posters created by Saul Bass.

He was a graphic designer who designed truly iconic posters for films like Vertigo, North By Northwest, West Side Story, and many others. Furthermore, he designed the title sequences for scores of films.

Beak Card

What do we do when we visit someone who is not well? We bring a present. That is to say, the conventional present for a person who is not well is either food or flowers. Grapes are a firm favourite. But it’s different if you are a puffin and you want to give a gift of food. In that case, sand eels are the chosen gift. That’s why our Get Well card features a puffin standing on a rock with a beak full of sand eels. Most importantly, it sports a speech bubble with text ‘Get Well Soon – Would You Like Some Sand Eels?’

Tulip Wishes

For the final Get Well card in this description, we have a bunch red tulips in a glass vase and a message on a card that reads ‘Get Well Soon’

Notice how the tulips are leaning over. That is to say, they are leaning towards the message in a gesture of solidarity. Above all, they are sympathising and wishing the patient well. And with friends like that, the patient cannot fail to get well soon.

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