Humorous Cards

Humorous Cards

humorous cards – well, as we know, humour acts as a safety valve for topics that are a bit near the bone. That said, in twenty-first century Britain, just about anything goes. Words and images that would have landed someone in jail just a few years ago are now front and centre in cards. However, rude cards (funny or not) or cards that ridicule or might cause embarrassment are not our thing. Our take on humour sticks to the principle of emphasising the positive in people and life.

When satire is used as a form of social criticism, where it points out injustices, then it is right up our street. Our Asterisk card comments on the modern world view that you can have anything you want. It couples the statement with an asterisk that reminds us that ‘Terms and conditions apply’.

Interview Card

The Interview card features a person in armour and text ‘I’m Here For My Interview’

Noteworthy, the interviewee in question is shown with his or her head protected by armour. He or she is ready to do battle in the interview room. Our card takes down the tension a notch or two. It does it by acknowledging that it is normal to feel adversarial in such a situation. Moreover, that it is normal to feel you are going to exit the interview battered and bruised.

Unruly Hair Card

This humorous card features a family of spring onions and text ‘The Onion Family – Known For Their Unruly Hair’.

Dad is the beefy one in the middle, standing next to mum and surrounded by three children. And they are united by a close family resemblance of unruly hair. That is to say, the hair is the trimmed white roots that formerly held the spring onions in the earth.

Being a family group, the Onion family help to consolidate our feeling of being part of the family of man (or spring onions).

Bad Hair Day Card

We can all suffer from a bad hair day, and this humorous card sympathises with us. It features a twisted and gnarled tree with wayward branches and twigs and text ‘Bad Hair Day?’

Did you know that the reason we have bad hair days is because keratin is affected by humidity and hormones. Keratin is the fibrous protein of which hair is made. And humidity and the hormones released by stress break the bonds in the protein and makes hair frizzy. Simple, eh!

Baa Code Card

We are fond of our humorous card featuring a sheep and a bar code label with the text ‘Baa Code’ We like the pun on the word ‘bar’ and ‘baa’. That said, it works best in British English which does not have the retroflex ‘r’, so the sounds are similar.

The Question Card

We had fun making this humorous card. It shows three mannequins sitting on a bench. They are looking with obvious interest at an egg. The scene is completed with a speech bubble with one of the mannequins saying ‘I’ve No Idea’.

That is to say, what is the egg doing there and whose child is it? No one seems to know.

As we know, mannequins do not lay eggs, so any question of parenthood is moot. On the other hand, mannequins to not speak and do not crane their necks, so anything goes.

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