Humorous Cards

We have here the category of humorous cards. A wise owl looks on and says, tongue firmly in its cheek, ‘Oh what joy’.

A Japanese man from the period of the Japanese floating world says with anachronistic angst ‘ How did I get so many emails?

In the next, the text reads that you can have anything you want. But wait, there’s an asterisk. And the asterisk refers to text that says that ‘Terms and Conditions Apply’. So not quite anything then.

Meanwhile two swallows fly by and one says or asks of the other ‘Is it summer yet?’ It is of course a play on the idea that two swallows do not make a summer.

And here we have a Herdwick ram in side profile uttering the words ‘Happiness is knowing that there are twenty three million sheep in the UK’

Nearby is a cockerel that tells us that all is OK. He says ‘Let me absolutely assure you that the sky is not falling.’

We all have our favourites and mine is the image of the long neck of a giraffe, We do not see the head, but what we do see is the speech bubble. The words are ‘We are going to need a bigger card.’ And there we go, humour for everyone. And remember you can have anything you want (terms and conditions apply).

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