Inspirational Cards

Inspirational Cards

All but four of our Inspirational cards use both images and words to convey their message. The card that doesn’t use words shows a man at prayer. It doesn’t need words to convey a meaning and to be an inspiration. Actually, there are words in this inspirational card, but they are in Hebrew in an open prayer book. For the other cards in our Inspirational cards range, images are married to words.

Tomorrow Card

The Tomorrow card gets its message across with words alone. It is simply futuristic text in cream and black against a red background. The message is that tomorrow is another fay – live it to the full. And it reminds the reader that we are heading for a brighter tomorrow. It’s an existential card. For example, it doesn’t indulge in metaphysics because it doesn’t dredge the mental world for meaning. Rather, it says to go out into the world and let one’s curiosity and zest for life dictate the flow of tomorrow.

Keep Calm Card

Our Keep Calm card is another inspirational card that relies (almost) on words alone to convey its message. The stress is on ‘almost’. That’s because the well-known statement to ‘Keep Calm And Carry On’, shows the last letter hanging half off, held by a single screw. To keep calm even when everything is going wrong is better than to run around demented. But to ‘carry on’ when everything is wrong is just madness – hence the humour of this card.

Sweat Card

For the person keen on fitness there is the Sweat card. Specifically, it shows a shiny metal bar with droplets of water on it set against a granite background with text ‘Sweat’ repeated twice. It is both an inspiration and a show of appreciation. That is, it recognises that the recipient is someone who gets into the zone. More than that, it is someone who can pump up and get going. Even more, it is someone for whom rivers of sweat run like streams to the sea.

Rise And Fall Card

Here we have a silvery blue seated buddha and a quote from the Buddha. It is a tough statement, too. Specifically, it is a statement from which many of us would recoil. Surely it is better to have a lifetime of life than one day of clarity. No, says the Buddha: It is better to live one day seeing the rise and fall of things than to live a hundred years without ever seeing the rise and fall of things.

Cuddle Card

Inspirational cards can be soft and sentimental, too. In this case a photograph of a guinea pig looking at the viewer. And to complete the card we have the inspirational message to ‘Cuddle A Guinea Pig’ and ‘Make The World A Better Place’. What more can one ask?

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