Brexit Cards

Brexit greeting cards making the point with humour that Britain is better off in the European Union. Why did the chicken want to leave the EU? Nobody knows.

In case our position is not plain and obvious, making these cards was a labour of love and pain. We are firmly in the ‘No Brexit’ camp. And this is not primarily because of the economic consequences although they look dire enough.

It’s because pulling up the drawbridge will cut us off culturally from Europe – and that’s not to mention that we can’t go and live there. We are cut off from Europe in every way.

And the way we look at it, we need to be able to immerse ourselves in the sights and sounds and conversations of Europe. If not, we will revert to the small island thinking that led us here in the first place.

We don’t need any barriers, and certainly no extra barriers. And that includes whether it is lines of people stacking up in the passport queues, or anything else. We don’t need any barriers that signal that we are over the border and into ‘foreigner’ territory. We need to feel that Europe is ours and we are part of Europe.

So we have nailed our colours to the mast with these No Brexit greeting cards. They are a spoof, a satire that are intended to poke fun at Brexit.

Post Brexit

Of course now we are well and truly post Brexit and we can see the damage that we were assured was not going to occur.

In my idle moments I imagine that Boris Johnson turns out after all to be a Russian asset. He is exposed after the decoding of a memo he writes promoting Christopher Pincher MP. Ah well, we can but imagine Boris failing to get his £350 million a week bunga for getting Britain out of the European Union and into the cold.

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