No-Brexit Cards

No Brexit Cards

Our No Brexit cards show that we are firmly for Britain remaining in the European Union. Events have moved on and Britain is set to leave. We will be in uncharted waters. And some say the economic consequences look dire.

But it is not because of the economic risks that we have opposed Brexit. And we have opposed it from the beginning. Rather, it is because we do not want to be cut off culturally from Europe. Remember for example that it took several attempts on Britain’s part. It took several attempts to become part of the greatest social experiment in the past century.

I Didn’t Promise You A Rose Garden

We do not say that everything is right with the European Union. Among the issues there is the race to the lowest wages. Additionally there is the free movement of people that treats people as units of labour. They are seen as units to be moved around to satisfy the economies.

Community Counts For Something

We believe that community, homes and families should not be put at risk by free movement of labour. Rather, there should be a recognition that the conditions in a densely populated country like Britain are different. They are different than in sparsely populated countries elsewhere in Europe. But Europe needs us but we definitely need Europe.

That said, our No Brexit cards are our humorous take on a serious subject.They are a spoof, a satire that are intended to poke fun at Brexit.

No Brexit Cards Like Wartime Public Information Posters

There are two themes. One style of No Brexit cards imitates the style of wartime public information posters. They are of the kind that exhorted the population to do its bit. Specifically, they were told to conserve energy, keep transport free for essential workers. And they are told to make do with less in difficult ‘post Brexit’ times.

No Brexit Cards Like Film And Theatre Posters

The other theme for our No Brexit cards is a pastiche of film, theatre, and gig posters. They tell of the dire consequences of Brexit. Other cards recount the thrilling tales of suspense about how we conquered Brexit in the end and stayed in the EU. Well, that is not going to happen in the short term. But in the longer term we hope Britain will be back in the EU. Specifically, you don’t know how lucky we are, boy.

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