Romantic Cards

Romantic Cards

Romantic cards and romance will always be with us. And humour has its place, whether it is a sheep saying I adore ewe or an owl saying owl be loving you, always.

Bear In Love Card

Romance affects even teddy bears. This one lies back on the grass and contemplate the heavens. At the bear’s side is the book it has been reading. Specifically the book is ‘Bear In Love’, and it is an instant classic beloved by teddies everywhere. In fact, this bear is so taken with the romance that it has all but swooned.

Because Card

This is one for the deep thinkers. It features a golden guinea pig and these immortal words. They are, if I know what love is it is because of you. In other words, the sender of this card feels a deep abiding gratitude. It is gratitude for having found love through this relationship.

Comb Card

Back to humour, we have a magnificent cockerel saying of its comb that ‘I combed it especially for you’. Also on the humorous theme of Romantic cards we have Dog Love and Dog Lover. In both cases were have a dog that is doggone crazy in love. And we have the Grazing card with a zebra that says it is still grazing after all these years. Still grazing and still crazy in love.

Pod Card

The Pod card is the nearest we get to an erotic card. There are the peas in the pod and we see one of them has eyes. It can speak! And speak it does and asks its neighbouring pea the most important question. The question is ‘How was it for you?’

Hugs Card

The Hugs card shows hands reaching around a girth greater than the card. The hands reach to touch. And the message is ‘I love you this much’. Romantic cards should go above and beyond.

Garden Card

That is also the message with the Garden card. The single tulip speaks of love. More than that, the words speak still louder. The message is clear. ‘If I had a flower for every time I thought of you, I could walk in my garden forever.’

Paris Card

Our Paris card is straightforward. There is the Eiffel Tower and there is the message that we’ll always have Paris. Remember Casablanca?

Straight Card

When it comes to Romantic cards, nothing says it like a heart. Specifically in this case a heart with a message. And the message is ‘Straight from the heart’. What more could one ask for in a romantic entanglement?

Strum Card

The Strum card is simple. It features a guitar and the eternal message that I’ll strum along with you. And close by we have the Tickle card and a single feather. And what does the feather say? It says You tickle me. It is close to the Tickle Me card with it message that you tickle me like no one else can. Ah, romance.

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