Sympathy Cards

Sympathy Cards

We put a lot of love, care, and attention, into our sympathy cards. After all, loss and grief are some of life’s most meaningful times.

For all that, card shops find sympathy cards the hardest to source. For some reason, greeting card publishers either steer clear of sympathy cards or the creative juices don’t flow.

We aim to approach the design of sympathy cards with one goal, which is to emphasise the positive. Even in this most trying of times, there is something positive.

Calla Lily Card

Our Calla Lily card features a single lily in a simple glass vase. Of course, the most important part of a sympathy card is not the image but the words, and so this card has the message ‘Thinking of you at this difficult time’

Classic Card

For example, what can be more classic that a bas relief image of a young woman in classical dress? And what can be more fitting than a classical font that lays out the simple message ‘With Sympathy’.

These words and the variation, ‘With deepest sympathy’, appear on most of our cards. The Gerbera card features a single pink flower with half of the petals covering the space. In contrast, our Gladioli card shows several flower heads running diagonally across the space. And our peony and rose cards have flower heads front and centre. They are intended as a comforting image to look at in difficult times.

Winter Tree Card

This is the most bleak of our Sympathy cards. There is the tree, stripped of its leaves. It sits in the snow-laden field and offers strength to the viewer along with its message.

Tulips Card

This impressionistic rendition of pink tulips has been a favourite. It is light and airy. One can say it is an optimistic image. The green of the leaves speaks of life and renewal. And the card carries a simple message that is rendered in white against pink. Specifically it says, with deepest sympathy.

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