Sets of Cards

Sets Of Cards

Our sets of cards suit any occasion and we bundle them for you in a set of four cards on a theme. The benefit is that it makes it super easy to choose your cards and check out quickly. And as a bonus, the price for a set of cards is slightly lower than choosing four cards individually.

Just as with our individual cards, we supply our sets of cards with white envelopes. That is to say, we cello wrap them individually.

We send sets of cards out in either a board-backed envelope or a slimline postal box. And you will be pleased to know that either will fit through a standard UK letter box. So if you are going to be out when the postman calls, do not worry. Above all, cards will not be stuck at the sorting office. Rather, they will be on the mat waiting when you get home.

Set Of Animal Cards

The set of four Animal cards includes the Rocking Rooster and the Black-eyed Rabbit. Likewise, rabbit will melt your heart. In the same vein comes the Imperial Fallow Deer and the Sleeping Jaguar. They are four very different animals we have captured in delicious close-up and full colour. And as with all of our cards, the photos are totally original to us.

Set Of Flower Cards

Our set of four Flower cards are for those who love flowers. For instance the first in our set of flower cards feature tulips. Then comes a chrysanthemum. That is followed by a peony. To conclude the pretty foursome we have a Eustoma. And once again we have captured them in full colour showing close-up detail.

Set Of Guinea Pig Cards

That brings us to our set of Guinea Pig cards. There is a birthday card featuring a guinea pig with butterscotch and white colouring. The piggy is set against a dark background.  And completing the picture is a speech bubble and text. And what else would the text read?  ‘Would you mind awfully if I were to wish you a happy birthday?’

Next up in the set is a romantic greeting card featuring a close-up of a guinea pig with a crest on its forehead. This time the cute animal is set against a dark background and text ‘Love Me Love My Whiskers’.

The third in the set is another romantic greeting card. This one features a guinea pig with text ‘If I know what love is, it is because of you.’

And making up the set of cards is a birthday card featuring a gentle guinea pig and text, ‘Happy Birthday’.

Set of Everyday Cards

This is a wide-ranging collection of four greeting cards for every day. In one we have featured a grand stone building against a solid blue sky. Over the building  trees overhanging. And to complete the picture is a driveway flanked by shrubs. The second card in this set of cards is a scene of a romantic Boulangerie in Paris.

For the third we have a tree in winter with snow-laden branches. And for the fourth in the set we have a colourful blue bowl filled with brilliant yellow egg yolks.

Set Of Food Cards

Food is a firm favourite and our collection of four greeting cards shouts out food glorious food. We have Cafe, featuring cutlery in a can in the interior of a homely cafe. Then we have waiters in tails serving in an upmarket Restaurant.

Next are the golden yellow eggs in a blue bowl that feature here as well. And to top off the set of cards there is a glorious orange Clementines with two leaves still attached.

Set Of ‘No Brexit’ Cards

Ah, it is a sad tale how exiting from the European Union is becoming a fact. Soon these words will be overtaken by events. And we shall have pulled up the drawbridge on the greatest social experiment in a century.

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