Look under the categories of posters for full details of what we make. You will find the sizes, the cost and the postage. And you can read how we get them printed and on what material.

In a nutshell and without stealing too much information from those pages, we get Printful to print our posters on demand. We use them because of the paper they use and the quality of the printing. It is easy to make a good print if the printer has a good quality machine and inks.

If The Settings Are Off

But if the settings are off or the ink is running low, then the print will not be good. Typically it will exhibit banding and a loss of colour. The loss of colour will be especially evident in large areas of block colour. The backgrounds to our posters are generally dark in colour and that is precisely the area that can suffer if the printer doesn’t know his or her job.

With all this said, you can choose from our range of gorgeous, high-quality posters printed on thick, museum-quality, archival, acid-free, durable, matte paper.

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