No-Brexit Posters

No-Brexit Posters

Our No Brexit posters are our humorous take on a serious subject.

Specifically, they are a spoof, a satire that is intended to poke fun at Brexit. And it certainly needs it with the daily news of the tumbling fortunes of the British economy.

Furthermore, there is the uncertainty over whether the United Kingdom can hold together at all. For example, in the words of William Butler Yeats in his poem The Second Coming, the centre cannot hold. And we must ask whether there will there be a United Kingdom twenty years from now?

Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

Perhaps the island of Ireland will be united in one country. Who knows, perhaps Scotland will have found her voice of independence. And perhaps it will be part of the European Union again. Then that will leave little England surrounded by neighbours but not of them.

Think for example, how strange it will be if Britain leaves the EU and the United Kingdom holds together, That is to say, English, the common language of the EU, will not be the native language of any of its members save Eire.

Our No Brexit posters are also a labour of love. To make clear, they show that we are firmly for Britain remaining in the European Union. However, the British public have voted for a Government committed to leave the EU. That may be, but it does not change our attitude, which is that with the EU is better than without it.

No Brexit Posters Like Wartime Public Information Posters

There are two themes behind our No Brexit posters. One theme or style imitates wartime public information posters. They are of the kind that exhorted the population to do its bit. Specifically, they were told to conserve energy, keep transport free for essential workers. And they are told to make do with less in difficult ‘post Brexit’ times.

No Brexit Posters Like Film And Theatre Posters

The other theme for our No Brexit posters is a pastiche of film, theatre, and gig posters. They tell of the dire consequences of Brexit. Other posters recount the thrilling tales of suspense about how we conquered Brexit in the end and stayed in the EU.

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