Black Grapes Framed Print


A framed print with bunch of black grapes against a cream background set against a pink background

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This framed print shows an illustration of a bunch of black grapes set against a cream background, itself set against a light pink background.

Botanically, a grape is a berry. And they can be many colours, from crimson, black, dark purple, yellow, green, orange, and even pink. Even half a kilogram of grapes contains only 350 calories because grapes are more than four fifths water, with a one-hundredth part protein and a little under a fifth of short chain sugar carbohydrates. The ability to produce alcohol comes from the yeasts that coat the surface and act on the sugars.

Frame Types

The image is available as a Gatorboard or Surface Framed print, both of which are delivered ready to hang.

Gatorboard is a built on a foam core sandwiched between reinforced wood. This creates a rigid and strong, yet lightweight print with a depth from the wall of 10mm. The print comes ready to hang with a hidden hook system.

Surface Framed prints are solid pine with a smooth black satin finish around the edge of the frame. Viewed from the front, the edging is just 5mm wide, with a depth from the wall of 30mm. The prints comes fully strung, ready for hanging.

All of our framed prints are printed to order and despatched within five working days. Please note that they are only available for delivery within the UK, and come with FREE delivery.

Choose from two sizes (30cm x 40cm or 60cm x 80cm) for your Black Grapes Framed Print.

See this page for more detail of the styles of framed prints, including illustrations of how the framed prints look on a wall.


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Gatorboard, Surface Frame


30 x 40cm, 60 x 80cm