A romantic greeting card featuring bluebells in a jug with text ‘You are Beautiful.’

– Blank inside for your own message
– Printed in the UK on premium card stock
– Supplied with a white envelope

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Bluebells Greeting Card

Bluebells greeting card featuring bluebells in a jug with text ‘You are Beautiful.’

These are Spanish bluebells, and there is a story behind that. The Spanish bluebell was introduced into this country on purpose but it has run wild and it hybridises with the English or ‘common’ bluebell, which is now recognised as a threatened species.

When one walks through a bluebell wood, with a carpet of bluebells covering every inch, a battle for survival between the two species is raging in the undergrowth.

So how can you distinguish the Spanish bluebell from the English bluebell?

Well the most obvious way is that the flowers of the English bluebell only grow on one side of the stem, which causes the stems to lean over in a graceful arc.

In contrast, the flowers of the Spanish bluebell grow all around the stem, which causes the plant to grow more upright.

Then there is the colour. English bluebells are a dark, vivid blue. Spanish bluebells are a pale blue.

And finally, there is the smell. English bluebells have a sweet perfume whereas Spanish bluebells have almost no smell.

What more can one say than that the English bluebell wood prospers.

It Is Illegal To Pick Wild Bluebells

It is illegal to pick bluebells from the woods, but occasionally one sees the cultivated variety of the Spanish bluebell for sale in flower shops, which is where I bought these – from a flower market in Leeds.

SKU: C0040

Bluebells greeting card - Bluebells in a jug with text 'You are Beautiful.'