Clouds Valentine’s Day Card with pink and red balloons and fluffy white clouds and text Happy Valentine’s Day

– Blank inside for your own message
– Printed in the UK on premium card stock
– Supplied with a white envelope

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Clouds Valentine’s Day Card

Clouds Valentine’s Day Card with pink and red heart-shaped balloons and fluffy white clouds and text Happy Valentine’s Day. A simple, heartfelt message bursting into the boundless sky.

Feel the ease of floating up into the heavens to play among the clouds, and the wonder of whether one’s heart’s desire will respond in the same way. Your love is yours, what comes to you is there by the grace of heaven.

The Poetry In Clouds

To the prosaic and the everyday, clouds are just collections of water vapour. If they are high enough or the weather is cold enough, they might be made of ice crystals – fluffy ice clouds floating in the sky.

At night, clouds reflect heat and keep the ground warmer. During the day, they shade the Earth from the rays of the sun, and keep the Earth cooler. And in our dreams, we float in them.

Studying Clouds

NASA’s Earth System Science Pathfinder satellite mission started in 1999 and ended in 2018. Its aim was to study the abundance of clouds, and their distribution and structure. And also to observe the radioactive and radiative features of clouds around the world.

I was launched in 2006, and the CloudSat satellite flew all over the world. Imagine it orbiting through storms and hurricanes, grey skies and blue. And all the time observing the behaviour of clouds. What did it learn? The data is so complex that it is still being analysed. In time the data will help us know more about the behaviour of clouds and how to predict weather patterns. And perhaps it will show the corresponding distribution of trees on the planet and their importance.

The Importance Of Trees

We humans are learning now in these dangerous times how vital trees are for a balanced weather pattern. The saddest sight I ever saw personally was the border between Honduras and Nicaragua. Either side of the border there was pristine forest, but beyond that the forest had been destroyed. It was as though both countries were showing their best face to their neighbour, but behind the facade, there was destruction. I take heart that the world is waking up to its responsibility to look after this planet. Meanwhile, there is this Clouds Valentine’s Day Card.


SKU: C0387

Clouds Valentine's Day Card with pink and red balloons and clouds and text Happy Valentine's Day