A Friendship card featuring a shiny and elegant steel coffee pot and text ‘Fancy A Coffee?’

– Blank inside for your own message
– Printed in the UK on premium card stock
– Supplied with a white envelope

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Coffee is a greeting card for friendship that features an elegant shiny metal pot and text ‘Fancy A Coffee?’

This is the relaxed style of communication that is used when people are friends. The language underpins the friendship. It’s assured and confident of the friendship.

When the drink first came to Europe from Turkey the Church was opposed to it. The suspicion was that it was somehow a satanic potion. The verdict on the debate was brought in by Pope Clement VIII. It was he who in the late 1500s pronounced that for him the beverage satisfied the parts that other drinks could not reach.

A Stimulant Or A Depressant

The question is whether it is a stimulant or a depressant? In fact it is a stimulant that stimulates the central nervous system. That is, it increases alertness and relaxes muscles. It also increases blood pressure.

Then, over time, too much caffeine may cause withdrawal symptoms. These include headaches, anxiety, irritability, and even physical tremors and twitching. And once the caffeine buzz wears off, withdrawal can cause drowsiness.

Over a long period, caffeine can cause osteoporosis by interfering with the absorption of calcium.

The Downside Of Caffeine

In rare cases, an overdose of caffeine can convulsions and death. The upper safe limit for coffee is around four hundred milligrams. That limit is easily reached in cafes that serve the drink in large mugs with several shots in a mug. And that is aside from the physical damage that caffeine can do. Caffeine increases the acid in the stomach, and can exacerbate acid reflux and ulcers. And it is dangerous for unborn babies because the caffeine molecule can cross into the placenta and cause the foetus’s heart to race. It can also slow the growth of the foetus and increases risk of miscarriage.

If after that you fancy a coffee, then you are a real caffeine lover. As we know, a fancy for something, does not typically last long. The addiction for caffeine is mild compared to some other drugs of choice, but woe betide anyone who comes between a lover of coffee and the beverage.

The Demise Of Tea?

No one knows exactly how or when the drink made from the beans was discovered, though there are many legends about its origin. The story begins in the Ethiopian Highlands and traces a path to the Middle East and then to Turkey. From there it was a short step to Venice and the capitals of Europe. And nowadays almost anyone might fancy a coffee. Indeed, even in England that hold that tea has on the psyche is loosening, and coffee is on the ascendant.

SKU: C0244

Friendship greeting card with an elegant steel coffee pot and text 'Fancy A Coffee?'