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Drama is an anti-Brexit greeting card in the style of a film poster with text that reads; ‘We Need To Talk About Brexit’

– Blank inside for your own message
– Printed in the UK on premium card stock
– Supplied with a white envelope

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Drama is an anti-Brexit greeting card in the style of a film poster. The text in light blue, dark blue, and black is set against a plain white background. And the text reads; ‘We Need To Talk About Brexit’, and described as ‘A masterful blend of drama and horror’. The drama gets four stars, so it must be good!

We Need To Talk About It

The card is of course inspired by the psychological drama, ‘We Need to Talk About Kevin’. And in the same way that We Need to Talk About Kevin is about a horrific act, so Brexit is a horrific prospect. Not just horrific, but pointless in its absurdity. What country would give up the benefits of being a major player in one of the world’s biggest tariff-free clubs? And what country would give it up for the uncertain uncharted waters as a minor player in the big league? Well, we are going to find out.

The Way Ahead

The way seem strewn with rocks. The prime minister is already on record insulting the president of Britain’s biggest prospective trading partner. Moreover he is heading a cabinet that is intent on piling more Chinese technology on an existing technology. And all that while being told by the USA that it would cause a breach in relations and lesson the prospect of any trade deal.

High Drama

If that were not enough there is the fact that trade deals take an average of seven years to conclude. How is Britain supposed to manage in the interim? In days of old we could send Drake out to pillage the West Indies and the ships of Spain and France. But now in the 21st century? What are the prospects other than high drama? And that is why we made Drama, a tale that needs talking about.

SKU: B0015

Drama is an anti-Brexit greeting card in the style of a film poster 'We Need To Talk About Brexit'