A leaving card with what might be prison bars and text 'Sorry You're Leaving'

– Blank inside for your own message
– Printed in the UK on premium card stock
– Supplied with a white envelope

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A leaving card with what might be prison bars and the escape that is referred to in the text ‘Sorry You’re Leaving’.

Oh how we love to grumble about escaping the rat race and the daily grind. And yet it is in offices, and clubs, and organisations that friendships between colleagues and others are possible.

So when we lament that someone is leaving and imply that they have escaped, there is a tinge of sadness knowing that the person who is leaving has helped to make the days more meaningful.

And what is meaningful in the end? There is a train of thought that suggests that what people desire most is intimacy. But we are at the same time shy and afraid of rejection.

And so we set up these scenarios whereby we can be with others in a way that gives us the pretext to get closer.

In other words, to turn society and its needs on its head – it is not the need for the products of our endeavours that we really strive for. Whether it is in an office or a language class or a choir or a dance group – what we strive for is intimacy.

It is what drives the machine that produces all these other things as a desirable but almost incidental output.

SKU: C0109

A leaving card with prison bars, dreams of escape, and text 'Sorry You're Leaving'