Geometric Poster


Geometric poster – an abstract design in a muted palette of cream, gold, russet, and black.

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– Printed on thick, museum-quality, archival, durable, matte paper
– Colours will remain vibrant for decades
– Mailed to you rolled in a tube

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Geometric poster – an abstract regular design in a muted palette of cream, gold, russet, and black.

The word geometry comes from the Greek geometria meaning the measurement of features on the Earth. From that, the word geometrical came in as a style of Greek pottery with angle and lines, and from there to the word geometric, referring to any shape made of rigid straight lines and angles.

The geometric design is abstract, meaning of course, non-representational. That is, there is no thing in the real world that this design is intended to represent. And that is true, although having seen art of every kind, it is impossible to say that the design is totally separate from anything we might have seen.  The world is full of influences, and none more so than the world of thought.

If you are looking for a greeting card, we have a birthday card that goes under the name of Abstract, and we have a Valentine’s Day card My Way, featuring an abstract arrangement of lines and rectangles of colour in orange, green, red, white, light blue, and dark blue, and text ‘Be my valentine and not in an abstract way’

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