A Congratulations card featuring wedding gowns on a rack and text ‘Congratulations’

– Blank inside for your own message
– Printed in the UK on premium card stock
– Supplied with a white envelope

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A Congratulations card featuring wedding gowns on a rack and text ‘Congratulations’

It is a card suitable for a wedding or an engagement. What an easy way to send good wishes. There’s no mention of the wedding or the wedding day. Instead, the message relies on the image. So it could easily relate to an engagement as well.

Now the word gown comes from the Saxon word gunna. It described a loose outer garment that could be to the knee but was usually full length.

There Are Many Types Of Gown

Gowns is a real catch-all word.  And the reason it is a catch-all is that there are so many different kinds of gown.

There are those worn to a ball and those worn by academics. It wouldn’t do to mix the two up. However, just for fun picture of a successful student getting their PhD. Imagine them dressed in a full length garment in red satin brocade and wearing a string of pearls. Or imagine a woman turning up to a ball wearing an academic’s cap and gown.

Then there are the outfits worn by patients in hospital. And that is not to be confused with the garment worn by the surgeon. Nor is it to be confused with the garment worn by someone getting ready for bed.

Here in Cambridge we often see students in their gowns, usually on the occasion of conferring degrees. However, just a generation ago the undergraduate students had to wear their gowns on all occasions, including when they went about the town.

Whizzing Off To Lectures

The city is full of bicycles today. And it doesn’t take much imagination to imagine students a generation ago on their bicycles, with their garments flying in the wind behind them. Ah, to see them whizzing off to lectures among the dreaming spires. Well, the dreaming spires were and are at Oxford, but the principle applies.

So each type gown for its specific purpose. And of course here we are looking at wedding gowns. And if the parties have not named the day, then there is still the promise. The parties are engaged and there is the occasion of the marriage to look forward to.

SKU: C0175

Wedding gowns on a rack and text 'Congratulations'