Happy Day


A birthday card featuring an adorable guinea pig with butterscotch-yellow and white colouring, set against a dark background and with a speech bubble and text, ‘Happy Birthday!’

– Blank inside for your own message
– Printed in the UK on premium card stock
– Supplied with a white envelope

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Happy Day

Happy Day is a birthday card featuring an adorable guinea pig with a speech bubble and text, ‘Happy Birthday!’

I remember photographing this little guinea pig. It belonged to someone I met when my wife and I attended a guinea pig show. The couple invited me to photograph their pets, and a few weeks after the show we arranged a date. In order to make sure that I showed the guinea pigs off at their best I took along a large black sheet. To clarify, it was the first time I had ever photographed guinea pigs belonging to someone else.

The Black Material

What that meant is that I didn’t have every eventuality covered. Specifically, I didn’t know that black was a bad choice for one particular reason. That reason was that it shed lots of loose white hairs over the black material I had laid out for it. Within seconds the pristine black sheet was mottled and messed up. Meanwhile the little piggy, who was a bit nervous at first, settled down and I got my photographs. So it was as they say, a happy day.

Looking At The Photograph

Looking at the photograph on the computer I thought it seemed like a very English character, reserved and polite in the best sense of the words. It is not for nothing that my feeling about these animals is that they would make great ambassadors for world peace. Certainly, I feel the cares and worries of the world slide off me when I am close to them.

SKU: C0090

Happy Day Greeting Card with a guinea pig with a speech bubble and text, 'Happy Birthday!'
Happy Day