Head Poster


Head poster – A head in profile, thinking thoughts not unlike our own.

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Head poster – A head in profile, thinking thoughts not unlike our own.

If he is meditating, then he is at peace with what is, comfortable and not needing or wanting to be elsewhere. His thoughts are not like a runaway train, but something to examine and consider without anxiety or pressure, letting realisations come.

If he is preparing for action, his thoughts are concentrated. Then a question asks itself.  For whose benefit is he preparing himself?

If he is weighing up the benefits and risks to himself, then he is alone. If he is thinking of how best to understand and identify with others whom he wishes to support, then he is connected.

What does a person choose to see?

Head Poster

Have you seen the film, The Life of Pi? In the last scene, after all the adventures, the man listening to the story says something back to the man who has told the story. He says, ‘But I heard it differently. I heard he was a thief and something bad happened to him.’

And the storyteller says, ‘Well, in the absence of being able to know with certainty which it is, which would you rather believe?

The Lotus flower opens. It is simple.  It is whatever helps you to blossom as a good human being. It really doesn’t matter whether there is a God or there isn’t a God or we live in an absurd world we don’t live in an absurd world it REALLY doesn’t matter, just whatever helps you blossom.

Forever Greeting Card

The Forever greeting card features this head against a different colour background.

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