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A romantic card with text ‘I Love You This Much’ featuring hands that are so full of love that they cannot gird the amount of love they feel.

– Blank inside for your own message
– Printed in the UK on premium card stock
– Supplied with a white envelope

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Hugs are the best, and this romantic card with text ‘I Love You This Much’ has it in spades. It features hands that are so full of love that they cannot gird the amount of love they feel.

To gird means to encircle, as in the familiar with the biblical use of to gird one’s loins. That means to put on one’s belt and sword to prepare oneself for war. Or in a more symbolic sense, to prepare for a difficult task.

And from gird to girdle, the woman’s elasticated corset that extends from waist to thigh. Fashion follows the development in materials. And the rubberised materials that were available after the First World War prompted changes in women’s fashion. Now women could coax their bodies into new shapes with a stretch girdle. Out with the whalebone corsets and in with the stretch girdles.

Of course, the idea of coaxing one’s body into any shape at all was hotly decried by some as being torture for a woman. So again, materials led the way, enabling women to wear much looser undergarments. And what woman today would wear a constricting undergarment unless she wanted to?

Let’s get back to hugs, to the wonderful feeling of holding someone tightly in one’s arms with affection. To hold someone close, to hold them tight, and to be held tight – these are the things that make us feel good.

To Embrace, to Cuddle, To Squeeze

Oh, to embrace, to cuddle and to squeeze. And to cradle someone in one’s arm. More, to cherish someone. These are things close to us.

We know it is true. And studies in neuroscience show that doing it helps mind and body. It has a name – havening – meaning  to put someone in a safe place. So hugs to every one of us.

SKU: C0123

Hugs is a romantic card with two arms stretched around someone and text 'I Love You THIS Much'