Migration Greeting Card


A Leaving Card featuring birds on migration and one bird flying in the opposite direction, and text 'Sorry You're Leaving'

– Blank inside for your own message
– Printed in the UK on premium card stock
– Supplied with a white envelope

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A Leaving Card featuring birds on migration. One bird is flying in the opposite direction, and one of the other migrating birds is saying ‘Sorry You’re Leaving’. The question is, where is the lone bird off to? Pastures new?

It’s swimming against the tide, to use a metaphor. It’s breaking with the pattern, no longer going along with the current. It takes guts to make the break, and make your own way when it seems the thing to do.

Not that there is anything wrong with sticking with the group – as long as attachment to the group doesn’t outweigh a clearheaded look at the options. Migration is a necessity for many birds and animals. For we humans, migration often means breaking with the pack.

SKU: C0053


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