Puffin Party


A Puffin Party birthday card featuring a puffin coming in to land on the Isle Of May and another puffin peaking out from behind a rocky outcrop, and speech bubbles and text, ‘Happy Birthday’ and ‘Yay, Party Time’

– Blank inside for your own message
– Printed in the UK on premium card stock
– Supplied with a white envelope

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Puffin Party

Puffin Party is a birthday card featuring puffins on the Isle Of May and speech bubbles and text, ‘Happy Birthday’ and ‘Yay, Party Time’.

The puffin that is coming in to land has sand eels in its mouth – perfect for snacks for the party.

Also the wings of the puffin coming in to land for the party are blurred. That really is not surprising bearing in mind that a puffin beats its wings up to 400 times a minute. And that is about six times per second!

That rapid beating of its wings demands a lot of energy. It also means that puffins can manoeuvre well, even in the winds around the Scottish islands and further north. So they are adept at spotting sand eels and then diving to get them.

They also swim well, and can dive 50 or 60 metres (200 feet) in search of sand eels.

Still, with their little bodies and stubby wings, they do look cute. So it is no surprise that that has earned them a special place in the hearts of many people – including us.

Adult puffins are built for a life at sea, and so are the young. Once the pufflings, as baby puffins are known, have hatched and fledged, they spend most of their lives on the sea – flying about or bobbing on the waves. It feels so alien to imagine a bird so able to live in that environment even in the depths of winter.

SKU: C0087

Puffin Party - puffins on the Isle Of May and speech bubbles and text, 'Happy Birthday' and 'Yay, Party Time'
Puffin Party