‘No Brexit’ Cards Set Two


Here we have brought together another four of our ‘No Brexit’ cards as a set.
– Blank inside for your own message
– Printed in the UK on premium card stock
– Supplied with white envelopes

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There are twenty-one cards in our range of No Brexit cards, and here we have brought together another four of the cards as a set to complement the first set.

Here at Flying Twigs we are firmly in the ‘No Brexit’ camp – and not primarily because of the economic consequences although they look dire enough.

It’s because pulling up the drawbridge will cut us off culturally from Europe – and we need Europe. Europe needs us but we definitely need Europe. Our cards are a spoof, a satire that are intended to poke fun at Brexit.

Send them to friends who are in the same camp, or to those in the Leave camp. Either way they will make an impression.