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Women on the beach – artwork entitled En route pour la pêche painted by John Singer Sargent. It shows a scene in the fishing village of Cancale, on the coast of Brittany, France. A group of women and children set out to collect fish and shellfish for their evening dinner from shallow pools.

Sargent was born in Italy. He studied in Paris in the 1870s and because his parents were American he spent years of his life in the USA and latterly in Britain where he painted society women dressed in the finest fashions of the time. He is described as having created an image of the sitters by the use of the garments that he supplied. He stopped painting portraits in about 1907 but became a war artist in the First World War, with one painting showing a file of soldiers blinded by gas making their way across the landscape. He died in 1925

SKU: C0432

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